Privacy Notice

inBuilding Services Corporation (“inBuilding”) is committed to ensuring privacy and security in its services and software while delivering the performance, power, and convenience that organizations desire.

This privacy notice applies to inBuilding Online Services offered by inBuilding that link to this notice (“the Services”). The Services are intended for organizations and not consumers.

Service Administrators:

inBuilding, including its subsidiaries and affiliates, will only use or disclose personal information as described in the service agreement and service documentation.

Please refer to your service agreement for additional terms regarding privacy practices applicable to the Services, and to service documentation for further details on inBuilding’s privacy and security practices, such as options for using and configuring the Services. For Microsoft’s Office 365, you may visit the Office 365 Trust Center. For Microsoft’s Windows Intune, you may visit the Windows Intune Privacy Statement.

End Users:

The Services are operated by inBuilding on behalf of inBuilding’s customer. This may be your employer or another organization that provides you with the Services. Any data inBuilding collects or handles through the Services are processed for the customer. If you are using Services provided to you by or on behalf of an organization, please direct privacy-related requests to a representative of the organization such as the Services administrator.

inBuilding is not responsible for the privacy practices of its customers or other third parties, except as specifically provided in the service agreement or as described in service documentation. Communications to End Users of Microsoft’s Office 365 for professionals and small businesses: If you are using Office 365 for professionals and small businesses, inBuilding may, with your permission, contact you with tips, advice, surveys and promotional communications. If you do not wish to receive communications, you may stop further communications by setting your contact preferences on the My profile page within the portal.

Privacy of Administrator Data:

In order to operate and improve the Services, inBuilding may make supplemental uses of administrators’ contact information and data related to administrator activities. These uses are primarily to facilitate interaction with administrators in their capacity as their organization’s representatives to inBuilding, and may include collection of data for service improvement and access to data for functions ancillary to the Services such as billing, support, or account management. For more information regarding the Services, see the administrator privacy section of Microsoft’s Office 365 Trust Center. For Windows Intune, you may visit the Windows Intune Privacy Statement.