I like that inBuilding is a Preferred Provider of Internet, Phone and Technology Solutions for tenants in my office building. That eliminated uncertainty for me and helped me get in faster.

“We needed faster Internet (who doesn’t!) and they made it easy to get it. We have since gone back and ordered a new phone service through them, and they have saved us money all along the way.”

Online advertising firm, San Diego, CA

“I loved the fact that my property managers took the step of finding a company to help us get better Internet service and technology solutions. It saved me time and they saved me money. I’m staying here.”

Mobile solutions company, San Diego, CA

“We wanted to upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 for all of our offices so our team could work together better. They got us there and now we’re enjoying the efficiency.”

Boutique mergers and acquisition firm, San Diego, CA

“I don’t like salespeople. But they had Tenant Solutions Advisors, which looked after my interest instead of just making a sale.”

Small Business, Orange County, CA

“inBuilding saved us $70,000 a year on our Internet access, in just the first year. Now that’s what I call service!”

Investment firm, 100+ employees, Los Angeles, Ca