Today’s business is built on communication. Speed and reliability are essential. At the core of inBuilding’s suite of solutions is ready access to the key elements: Internet and phone. Delivery can be effected by cable, fiber and even wireless (WiFi).



inBuilding works with all the major Internet service providers where it has driven discounts of 20% to 75%, off their standard rates. That’s because of the experience of the principals of inBuilding and inBuilding’s approach to focus on delivering value for the customer.

inBuilding will review your current Internet agreement to see if it can save you money, at no cost to you.

inBuilding has even been able to significantly improve the bandwidth speed for customers and still reduce their costs, while keeping the customer with the same provider.



The phone system has modernized because of advances in technology. inBuilding helps customer take advantage of the advances by installing cloud based Voice over IP (VoIP) system. This system allows you to easily connect within your office, to your other offices, and to your customer. Since it is cloud based, you enjoy the freedom to connect and manage multiple locations, devices and workers within your cloud phone system. You can easily customize users, departments and call handling rules. No matter where you, or the users, are. Customers can enjoy robust functionality for one low monthly cost, and there is no PBX hardware to buy or maintain.



Wireless access has quickly grown from a nice-to-have option to a necessity, particularly for tech savvy and security minded tenants. inBuilding can install WiFi in the office, conference room, common areas and gyms for greater convenience, collaboration and security. inBuilding WiFi offers you many advantages. The WiFi is configured as a mesh network, which enables you the move seamlessly around your office, includes automatic load balancing, cloud management, self-provisioning, self-configuration, and 1-click secure guest access with isolation firewall. The WiFi can be used for your primary access, by guests or as a redundant connection.