Data Security

Cybersecurity has become a critical element for people doing business today…whether they are at an office or working from home. The important thing to remember is put systems in place to protect your data and company, then test to confirm. It is best to know your vulnerabilities before hackers do.

To protect you, inBuilding provides a full suite of cybersecurity office tenants as well as for people working from home.  We provide coverage across the US and into Canada with protection 24/7.

Data Security for Office

Hackers don’t just go after one item, so inBuilding offers a broad suite of cybersecurity services for companies, including:

Vulnerability scans

Discovery vulnerabilities to know what to fix and how to fix the issues. The automated vulnerability scans include your cloud, external, internal, web and dark web environments.

Penetration testing

Including external pen test, web application pen test, internal pen test, cloud pen test, and mobile application pen test.

Security on Premise

Our security also includes protection you at the desktop level with antivirus, antimalware, Secure Access Service Edge, cloud based firewall and Zero Trust Network Access.  We can also install additional on-premise firewalls to further block access, as well as secured access contol systems.


Let inBuilding provide training for your employees, who are often the source of many breaches. We provide training to increase their awareness as the front line of defense for you. The training can include in-person sessions and simulated phishing attacks.

All-in-one solution for today’s Workers from Home

Working from Home has become the norm; however,

90% of workers at home have little to no data security

And cyberattacks are surging against them.

The Solution: inBuilding Connect

inBuilding Connect is inBuilding’s latest technology solution. inBuilding integrates a next-gen, mesh WiFi system with layers of data security to address this critical problem.

Enhanced productivity and data security…together just in time


The WiFi base station can cover almost 3,000 square feet of space with over a 1 Gb throughput (subject to your Internet service provider’s speed).

An area of your house is not getting a strong connection…no problem. Just plug an extra satellite system into an electrical outlet and it automatically creates a mesh connection.

WiFi in a Home

Data Security

You can choose how much data security you need…from anti-virus/anti-malware protection to advanced Secured Access Service Edge and Zero Trust Network Access. Send us an email at and we can help you determine what works for you and your budget. And don’t worry, you can always upgrade your protection.

Risk Button - Select your risk level based on your profile.

Who is it for? Everyone who works from home part or all the time.

Family User

inBuilding Connect provides separate security for family members and business users. You can customize protection for family members, including prohibiting websites by content or restricting access during certain hours (such as after bedtime). Users connecting for work can have greater flexibility and protection layers.

A Family

Industry Verticals

Various businesses verticals have heightened security needs and concerns. Reach out to us at to discuss how we help lawyers and people working for various other verticals such as biotech and financial services which have heightened regulatory and ethical concerns. Any industry which handles their own data or customer data needs protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a VPN…isn’t that enough.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a good thing to have. It encrypts traffic from point A to point B. However, using a VPN will not prevent you from getting hacked. No single thing will protect you from getting hacked. The way to reduce your chances of getting hacked is always “Defense in Depth”, meaning that you need to do a lot of different things to protect yourself. As an example, a VPN cannot protect you from installing a virus or malware, or preventing a hacker from getting in through a WiFi router lacking advanced firewall and security.

Isn’t hacking an old school thing which has stopped, and they only go after large companies?

No. Hacking and cyberattacks are increasing. And they are increasingly focused on small and medium sized companies as well as people Working from Home because they are easy targets. Some industry statistics include:


increase in cyberattacks in just the first half of 2021


of US companies have been successfully hacked.
CBS News


of attacks target small businesses.

As the saying goes, there are two kinds of people: those who have been hacked or those that are about to be hacked.

Can you afford to suffer the economic, time and reputation loss? Why risk it!

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